Bethany Springer

The New Frontier

Steel, cast stainless steel DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone, cast bronze Klean Kanteen, fiberglass cast on CNC routed foam based on digital quadrant of Mars topographical survey, gold foil emergency thermal blanket, reversible sequin Tyvek suit
90" x 50" x 50"

The New Frontier merges a steel supporting structure inspired by QVC drying racks, a cast stainless steel drone, a cast bronze Klean Kanteen, a fiberglass skin modeled after a section of Mars topography and wrapped in gold foil emergency thermal blanket, and reversible sequin Tyvek suit. This piece is always exhibited in tandem with the photograph entitled Hunter/Gatherer in which the artist, wearing a Tyvek suit, and drone are seen in front a surging glacier in Fuglefjorden, Svalbard.