Bethany Springer

Kelly Watch the Stars

UHMW polyethylene space harpoon and platform, cast plastic coral, carbon fiber tubes, sewn vinyl beekeeper’s veil and gloves, leather, cast bronze rope coil, gold mirrored acrylic, Styrofoam, steel, bronze foil thermal emergency blanket, Baltic birch plywood, light, polyester mesh prints appropriating NASA Mars Rover uploads
85" x 80" x 80"

Kelly Watch the Stars combines numerous components: A space harpoon constructed of Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and tethered to a bronze rope coil is situated on top of a polyethylene geometric platform filled with gold grout. Sewn vinyl and leather beekeeper’s veil and gloves are supported by a steel boat stand wrapped in bronze foil thermal emergency blanket. Cast plastic coral pieces supported by carbon fiber tubes are designed to mimic coral nurseries while Baltic birch plywood steps supported by epoxy putty-coated pvc pipes reference wooden pylons supporting the sinking city of Venice, Italy. A headlamp illuminates the interior of the space harpoon.