Bethany Springer

Ice Fishing in a Drift

Card series (images on opposite sides of card)
8” x 6.5” (each)

During a 2018 residency at The Arctic Circle in Svalbard, I excavated a hole through snow during one of the on-shore excursions, buried a small sculpture made from PVC tube, cast black rubber, and rope and took photographs of the artist from a bird’s eye view pulling on the rope as if reeling in a large catch. This image appears on one side of a card; on the opposite side, an image of a sculpture entitled Drift lines up the black holes perforating the environment to connect two disparate points in space.

Drift (sculpture on left): A carved Styrofoam buoy designed to mimic a memorial wreath sits upon an 8’x8’ black rubber spill, a black mirror referencing reflective screen technologies such as flat screen TVs, monitors, and smartphones. A pair of metal detector binaural headphones is tethered to the buoy’s rope positing the viewer’s ability to audibly plumb the depths of the spill.

At presentation two card stacks are presented 6” high on a pedestal with reverse images displayed adjacent to one another. During the length of the exhibition viewers are welcome to take a card. Over time, the stacks visually strike an imbalance.