Bethany Springer

A Companion for Departure

Companion for Reentry (Esther Williams)
Scaffolding components, steel, salvaged floorboards, polycarbonate panel, resin encapsulated foam, thermal emergency blanket, mirrored acrylic, cast resin mason jars, reversible sequin diving suit; a nod to Esther Williams’ epic high dive in the Hollywood aqua ballet Million Dollar Mermaid (1952), which nearly led to her drowning.
192” x 156” x 138”

Alien Observer in a world that isn’t mine
Adam Hogan, Director of Photography
A recreation of the Apollo 15 lunar mission’s hammer-feather drop presented on three flatscreen displays stacked 10’ high.
25-minute video looped

I dreamt it was a dream that you were gone
Digital Print; Phosphorescence of cremated remains as seen through a microscope
18” x 44"